Should I have my own custom escort website?

Should I have my own custom escort website?

Should I have my own custom escort website?

Having control over your website is key to staying ahead in an industry where there’s so much competition. We are talking about the importance of having your own custom escort website, but for many companions, this task is overwhelming or daunting.

Having your own website means POWER and CONTROL over your business, and over the image that you put out there for your clients to see. And these are two things that most escorts feel they are lacking in their escorting activities.

Don’t give your power away!

Control your own narrative. By having your own website, you become the “official” place for accurate and timely information. Your clients and potential clients know for sure that what YOU say on your own website is the real information. When you limit yourself to having only profile pages on different ad websites, escort directories or review websites, you give your power and control over your information and reputation to those websites and how they choose to display it and curate it. By having your own custom website, you are the one calling the shots. You decide what to say about yourself and how to say it.

Your name, your brand, your business!

Public websites are digitally linked to a domain name. Your stage name becomes your brand and your business. Therefore, you should try to get a domain name that matches your brand, as it will make it easier for clients to find your site and learn more about you. Your domain name is part of your intellectual property. As such, it can be trademarked, and no one else can use it. And, by being the only escort on the website, your chances of being booked for a date are so much higher. No more competition, no more scrolling through different profiles until reaching you.

Paid Ads disappear!

Paid ads disappear once they expire, but your website will be online for as long as you want. So, you not only have control of your website content, but you also have control over its visibility. Long after your paid ads have stopped running, potential and existing clients can find your website and connect with you saving you tons in advertising. Further, by submitting your website to the various search engines, potential new clients also can find you.

Your website, your story

You have a safe place to tell your story the way that you see fit, you get to choose the colors, the fonts, the type of information you provide, the photos you want to use and the services you can offer, and you can change all that as many times as you like.

A reflection of professionalism

By having your own website, you are telling the world that you are here to stay, you are an experienced escort, you know how to offer good quality services and your clients can count on your professionalism and discretion each time they book you.