Our escort website designers do not take a cookie-cutter approach. Your website should represent the unique image you want to present to the World. While you may suggest features you like from other escort  websites, our escort web designers create your web site based on your specific online needs and goals.

We build our sites to be “search friendly” (unless otherwise directed) so that your escort site will have the best chance for decent rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN. We also build our website for easy maintenance, so if you choose to, you can maintain yourself, otherwise we can do it for you.


Unlike many of our competitors, your site will be custom developed from a “male perspective“. In other words, we know what men like to see, how they think and what looks attractive. We will always give you our honest opinion and provide guidance when needed.

Our job doesn’t end once your website is launched. While we encourage you to learn how to maintain your own escort website, we understand you don’t always have the time or motivation to do so and can handle it for you.

Finally, your security and privacy are very important to us. Most don’t realize that when you have a public website, there is a lot of information that is automatically made available to the general public (i.e., name, address and phone number of website owner). For that reason, we offer private domain registration and website hosting.


A 50% deposit is required to get your project scheduled. We generally schedule projects 1 to 2 weeks in advance. During this time, we expect you to provide us with your pictures, text content and any special requests so that we have all we need to get things going on your start date. Your deposit can be made in Cash, Money Order, Wire Transfer (Bank of America), Western Union, Paypal or any major Credit Card.


Phase 1 – Conceptual Design: Once we have secured your deposit and have your content, we will create a draft graphical design for your website. This draft will show fonts, color scheme and the basic layout for the site. This is your chance to approve the design or make changes. Note, we recommend a domain name is secured at the beginning of this phase.

Phase 2 – Implementation: Once you approve the design, we convert the graphical design into a web page template and build your website. We build your website on our development server and give it an IP address so you can actually see how it looks as we build it.

Phase 3 – Test and Launch: Here you will have the opportunity to make any final changes and test your website. Once you approve, final payment is due, and we are ready to launch your website and link it to your domain name.

The entire process generally takes 2 to 4 weeks, depending largely on the number of design revisions you require.

To help make the task of selecting what features and services you need a bit easier, we have bundled together our most popular features into several escort website packages. Choose a package that works best for your needs and budget.


the flirt (6 page custom escort website) Ideal for new independent non-traveling companions. (learn more…) $700
the diva (8 page custom escort website)
The perfect choice for established companions that travel. (learn more…)
the VIP (11 page escort site w/pay area) Great for those VIP companions looking to maximize their online return by offering a private pay area. (learn more…) $2000
the agency (15 page custom agency website)Ideal for a small to medium size agency. Complete with Admin area to maintain models. (learn more…) $2200

All great websites start with professional quality glamour pictures. If you don’t have quality pix, check out our escort photography page.

A note about “free escort web design templates”.
You really get what you pay for! Free is not really “free” if you allow them to sell advertising on your website. Do you really want those free escort template sites representing you? I suppose it all depends on the type of client you are trying to attract. I consider these “free escort web design” sites void of any actual design!